Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Spirit of Giving

A few weeks ago, I watching The Vow and the scene where Leo brings his future wife a care package when she is sick made me grin ear to ear. In the care package was some cold medicine, kleenex, and other things ;). I loved the idea. Care packages say I was thinking about you.  I can't wait to be able to give care packages to my hubby (whoever he is). Until he arrives, I'll practice on my friends and family.

Thinking about you presents are the best! They don't have to be fancy, they just have to be from the heart. My birthday is coming up in a month. I wonder what I'll get from the people around me.
Those who don't know me too well will probably get me a shiny silver watch or earrings from Dillards or Macys. Those who really get me will get me a present with a note that says "I saw this and I thought of you." That is, strangely, all I want. I don't have a birthday wish list. I just want to love and be loved. My love languages are words of  affirmation and quality time---When people spend time with me and say nice things to me, it equates to love. I don't need material things.

I'm a reflective person, so when I really put my mind to give people gifts, I go all out. One year, for Bosses' Appreciation day, I and some others came up with the idea to surprise our boss. We asked people to write notes of appreciation on an index card and we tied the index cards to helium balloons with some ribbon. We filled his office with the balloons. When he walked into his office, he was greeted by a shower of positive notes. He was speechless. He left the balloons and notes hanging in his office for as long as the balloons would stay up.

I have a friend who, for Valentines Day, recruited some friends to surprise his girlfriend throughout the day because he was in another city. He had some of us deliver flowers to her, sing, and recite poetry to her on his behalf. In the name of love, we were more than happy to do it.

That's the kind of stuff I'd like to have done for me. Sometimes, I wonder if it's too much to wish for. Technically, I'm not asking for a lot but because it's such a specific desire, maybe it is a lot.

I'm pretty good with intrinsic gifts, but I suck at material gifting. When I decide to randomly get someone a gift, this is typically what happens:
  • I buy something that I think they'll like. I come back one day and find it in the garage, where things go to die.
  • I buy something and it doesn't fit.
  • I buy something and they physically toss it and lose it.
  • I buy something and they just don't like it and do an terrible job of convincing me that they do. 
Instead of giving up, I will try harder. I'll admit, when I give gifts, I give gifts would like to receive. I know I like things that are - homemade   - bright   - useful   -personal . I'm working being observant and seeing what other people actually want instead of what I want. This year, I want to be more of a care-package giver. I like care-packages. When I found out one of my close friends got into medical school, I made her a Med School Survival Box. It had pens, pencils, stickie notes, candy, a book of inspirational quotes, among some other things.

I like handmade quality items! I like creative wrapping too. It gets you excited about the present even before you open it. These are the handmade Christmas presents for my siblings:

Maybe a care package is coming your way sometime soon.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

As I have been sharing my journey to know myself, I realized that I have been selfish with my funny stories and kiddisms. I will start telling you about them again. 

I am a new teacher. I teach at the zoo a middle school. I teach 6th grade reading and math enrichment. I haven't fully made mind about 6th graders. All I know is that I now question my desire to reproduce for fear that they will one day meet my current students and become compromised.

Ok, ok, in all honesty they're not terrible kids. They're actually kind of cute, at least the boys are. They're really still 5th graders.

The boys are easy to figure out. They're rowdy and combative but also very eager to please. They punch people and talk about each other's mamas but are quick to cry when you tell them they're getting written up. No they're not punks, they're 12 year olds. They're intelligent and witty, when they want to be. Outside my classroom, they pretend to be big and bad, but as soon as they enter my classroom I remind them that they are children. 

The funny thing is that I treat them like I treated my little brother. I boost them up and then I deflat them before they get too cocky

The strange thing I have discovered is that the boys are nice to me when I wear skirts, dresses, and heels. I'm not entirely sure why but I did hear a student call me "Mommy" by mistake. Umm, false. Speaking of mothers, the boys' mothers' ears must be burning. "Yo Mama" is the best insult most boys can come up with. It's really pathetic. I know it's wrong, but I find myself thinking, this kid has perma-ash on his lip, he can't spell or read and "yo mama" is the best you've got? Amateurs. I suppose that makes them good kids, because they don't take low blows. 

Sometimes, I get childish like them. One day, I was tired of the "yo mama" jokes, so I interrupted a boy's joke with my best White Chicks voice. "Oooh, you wanna talk about mamas? You wanna talk about mamas!!" All the boys started laughing and forgot all about the fight that was about to break out to defend their mother's wounded honor. I challenge the boys, I fail them, then I reward them, and challenge them again. That is the cycle of our relationship. Who knows if I'm actually teaching them anything. I sincerely hope so.

The boys are troublemakers but I love them, perma-ash and all. 

The girls...the verdict is still out on them. 



Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm backkkkkk! :)

Teaching has kept me away...Tumblr has also kept me away, but now I'm back. Let me fill you in on what I've been up to:

Check out to see what I've been up to!

I'll be updating you on my adventures. My friend Tobi has decided to embark on a challenge. Check it out:


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check out my UT blog

I did a blog project with the Office of Admissions during my senior year.

This is the link:

That chapter is closed and another is beginning.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

We seek leaders who can describe significant past achievements and who operate with an exceptional level of personal responsibility for outcomes. Because our corps members face such tremendous challenges, we seek applicants who have demonstrated determination and persistence when confronted with obstacles in the past. Lastly, we seek people with the specific skills - from critical thinking to organizational ability - that we have seen characterize our most successful teachers.

- Teach For America

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Game Premiere

(warning: Spoilers included. If you missed the premiere don't read)

The way BET was hyping this show, it was like they were announcing the birth of their first born child. I was expecting some award-winning acting. In reality, the complete opposite happened. If The Game characters once had morals on the show, they are now out the window this season. During the premiere, I saw some classless, trashy, back-stabbing behavior. I thought I was watching Maury.

I hope all those trife people on tv recognize how bad they make the rest of us look. I know what you're thinking, There she goes making it about race again. But this IS about race. When the rest of us are trying to convince the world that those negative stereotypes are fictional, you ratchets are giving them real life examples to support their racist claims.

Ok back to The Game. Honestly, I don't have a tv at school (by choice) and for a while I was confused when everyone on my twitter was tweeting about the ____ game that was on tv that day. I've watched The Game before but I've fallen off since the first season. When I sat down for my reunion with the show I was shocked at how the characters had degenerated.

Tasha Mack had always been hilarious to me. She was the hood mother I never had. This episode her love interest is a younger man, apparently Terrence from 106&Park can act now. If you can call making out acting. Gone are the days where actors do the fake kiss on the space under the nose and above the upper lip or between the lower lip and the chin (yes I know all the tricks). These actors were sucking face, their tongues were playing Twister, they were ...well you get the point. I'm not exaggerating. Those kisses were uncalled for. Maybe if I didn't have to HEAR the saliva exchanges, I wouldn't have been so scarred. And the two are in an open relationship. Newsflash, that trash doesn't work. Somebody is bound to catch feelings...or AIDS. And Tasha knows she's a dang liar with that "I'm an 80s baby" line. False! Ma'am, now that's out of line. You look young but that's a stretch.

And then there's the loose woman & man. I guess Malik and Megan Good's character (don't remember her name...don't care) belong together. You know why it doesn't matter that I don't remember Megan Good's character's name, or ANY of her characters' name for that matter? Because she plays the same character in every movie: The vixen-home wrecker-black girl. She does for the Black community what Megan Fox does for the White community. You know what they say about girls named Megan....well, actually I don't know what they say. All the Megans I've known are nice girls. But in this episode I was so disgusted with Megan (character) and Malik. With Megan, for being MARRIED and carrying on with another man; With Malik for having no regard for people's relationships. What he did to TiTi was messed up!! However, I DID see it coming. Why, in your right mind, would you allow your girl friend to go anywhere ALONE with your intoxicated womanizer friend. And she was going to his house of all places. You-are-so-dumb! The scene in the jacuzzi was awkward. So the girlfriend was underwater bobbing for apples?? BET do you know anything about subtlety or propriety? As if the scene of Malik and Megan on the sink, thrusting with so much intensity that they broke a sink. Alright, I get it. This premiere episode was just a teaser for the soft porn that will be the rest of the season. Ok, that's what's up.

The only semi-normal couple were Derwin and Melanie. Before I get started, let me ask the question everyone wanted to ask: who gave that little boy those cornrows? Why? Cornrows will mess us anybody's good looks. Look at Omarion, Lloyd, Bow Wow...Little Mama. Ok I don't know why I added her. It just fit. Once again, back to the topic at hand. I wish they'd just done the paternity test earlier. It's not rude to ask for one. The baby mama and him weren't in an exclusive relationship. He's not calling her a loose woman, he just wants to know that the baby is his. If anyone is allowed to take offense at a request for a paternity, it's Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. She was a virgin. If you are not a virgin or the mother of Jesus Christ or in an exclusive relationship, you should not be offended by a paternity test. Sure, it implies some trust issues but that's nothing some therapy can't fix. And, so is Melanie's friend failing in med school? How do you mess up a paternity test?? Melanie should have just picked one up at CVS (I saw one there, right next to the condoms. Nice.) I'm glad Derwin still wanted to be a father to the little boy when he found out the baby wasn't his. But I see what BET is trying to do, just like I could see through Melanie's white dress at the end of the show :/. Since Tia Mowry (Melanie) is preggers in real life, Melanie will conveniently become preggers as well. It's just a matter of how/when. Stay tuned...

No. I don't think I will, BET. Once again, you have chosen to promote something without substance. I have a bone to pick with BET. Why are the BET Awards so womp every year?? I know people at UT (students) who could whip that show into shape if added to the team. I know it's hard to be the face of black people on tv, but do better. And yea, stop showing those terrible BET special production movies. And by the way, your visual censor is broken. The last time I watched a movie, they blurred out the woman's nipples (but the boobs were clearly visible) but showed her thong-clad (it might have been floss) butt.

I hope what I see on tv isn't a reflection of people's opinions about relationships. If they are that means: It's okay to cheat on your husband. It's okay to sleep with your best friend's girl friend, when you divorce a man you should get on tv and bash him every time you can, and it's ok to lie to your husband. I'm not bashing the people who watch and love this show, I'm bashing the values (or lack of values) that it represents.

Yes, I always ink this hard when I watch tv. Perhaps we all should.

- Timi, the Prude ;)


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